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Hello @CS,

I am happy to inform you that we are having TWO new alternative deposit options available on the cashier. If a player is getting declined with the regular deposit options, we now have TWO new ways of taking their money. This should significantly decrease the amount of DECLINES and should boost our sales.


Procedure for PAYPAL:
Player comes to live chat asking for help to deposit -> You check their profile and if they check all requirements you suggest the paypal deposit option if the regular deposit options don't work-> you contact ME (For the time being) to see if we can process the deposit -> you provide a paypal account for the Player to send the funds (Provided by me to you) -> wait for the confirmation from me along with the transaction ID (Provided by me to you) -> you credit players account with the deposit and deposit bonus.

Deposit is to be deposited as CASH and submit the transaction ID under confirmation as per below:

Who is eligible for this deposit option?

- Old sweet ladies that just want to play bingo.
- Existing players that already deposited on the site but cannot anymore due to processing issues.
- Accounts that are not freshly opened. We need players to get acquainted with the site and rules first and then use this deposit option. Some new players might not read the site rules and would find certain rules too much and would do a chargeback.

To incentivize players we can offer a 350% SPECIAL DEPOSIT BONUS if they use this option.

Minimum deposit is $30.
Players have to go through you to deposit via this option. If they do it a second time or a 3rd time they still have to contact us. If they DONT they will be REFUNDED immediately.
NO COMMENTS under the transactions they make on Paypal.
US & Canada players.

Unfortunately we are experiencing issues with the VISA/MC deposit option. May I suggest an alternative deposit option? Do you have a paypal account?


Great! We have a special 350% deposit bonus if you use this option. The minimum deposit is $30. For it you will get a total of $105.00 bonus, that's  a total of $135.00 to play with! If you deposit $50 you will get $175.00 bonus, that's $225.00 total to play with and if you deposit $100.00 you will get $350.00 bonus that's $450.00 total to play with!

Here is how to deposit: Please send the funds to (paypal address), once we get the funds we will credit them in your bingo account along with the deposit bonuses. It will take only a few minutes to get the confirmation and have your deposit credited. Please DO NOT add any comments to the transaction, we are live and we know the funds come from you.


Thank you very much! Your deposit and deposit bonuses have been credited. If you wish to deposit with this option again please contact us first here on LIVE HELP else your transaction will be refunded.

If NO:

We are sorry to hear that. May I suggest another alternative option? Suggest alternative option 2 (details below).


Our strategy with EASYPAY is to set up burner Shopify or other e-commerce sites to process payments through them and have the deposits credited on BingoVillage.
Our first Shopify "Partner shop" is (open without VPN to see it)

Procedure for EASYPAY:

Same as paypal we suggest this option to existing members (not freshly opened accounts). Members have to go to the cashier, select the EASYPAY option and click on the available link (under visit our current merchant of the week here). This will send them to the shop where they can select an item, add to cart and checkout. Once the purchase is complete contact ME (for the time being) so I can confirm the purchase. Once purchase is confirmed, credit member's account with the deposit and deposit bonuses.

To incentivize players into depositing feel free to offer them up to 300% bonus on their first purchase. If a player used this option before contacting you please CALL me to confirm the purchase (for the time being).

Hello we can offer an alternative deposit option via our network of merchant partners. Simply head to the cashier and look for EASYPAY. Click on the link and make any purchase on our trusted partner sites. Every purchase you make on our partner sites will be matched with a corresponding acquisition on our platform.

Let us know once the purchase is made and we will credit your account with the deposit and a special 300% deposit bonus.

Final notes

I need everyone on board with this, our sales are at all time low and we need to recover. This would be a good first step to convert as many failed deposit attempts as possible.
Save this email, take notes, be prepared. It's up to YOU to convince players to use these alternative options.

Thank you for your time and good luck!


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